I am in Bangkok looking for the area and possible home street of the narrator
of my image. I hired three local assistants. One of them, called Jumbo,
pinpointed her home area to two highly likely locations: Sai Mai District or
Klongtoey District.
We have been going around for three days in these lower working-class
districts that, by some definition, could also be called slums: they are densely
populated and there are no sewers nor running water. There is electricity,
however. These modest sheet-metal shacks house people dressed in clean
clothes, manically tapping their smart phones. I walked each and every alley
however small, from one end to the other, and thought that one of these
people could be her, my narrator.

These images are touristic pictures from my trip; they are not part of the

Love under the bridges in Klongtoey.

Plog Thai3

I am waiting for a dimmer blue light on the roof of a school in Klongtoey.
King with Canon
Klongtoey is built right to the edge of the railway, almost touching the rails. The train is passing by twice a day, in the morning and again in the evening.