Working at the ‘studio’ in Inkoo (Part 2)

I was proudly presenting my new studio space to a new assistant on her first day. Then I saw a rat the size of a kitten behind her. I had to keep on talking until the rodent had kindly dragged itself outside of the room.

‘Where is the bathroom’ she enquired just as I had mentally recovered from the rat incident. I told that the forest behind the cowshed was the ladies’ room and the cliff behind the garage was the men’s’ room.


I reconstructed the room of a 20-year-old Goth girl living in Northern Finland. We were just about to finish the set when someone had broken in the ‘studio’ in the cowshed. The perpetrator had thrashed the set – an entire room – methodically. After recovering from this minor shock I realized that there was something strange about this thrashing. The aggressor had left a bible on a chair. This gave me some insight into the mind-set of the aggressor and I was afraid.

I never caught the perpetrator even though he visited my studio a few more times. In the dark nights of the autumn every creak and sighing of the wind made my hair stand on end.

aavemaista inkoossa 001

The house was partially dilapidated so that birds could fly in but could not easily find their way out. On one autumn evening I was shooting alone upstairs. I was under the hood of a 4×5 rail camera. Suddenly I saw a great tit in the image. I got so scared that I almost tilted the camera over.

In this image my assistant Peter releases the bird after two days of captivity within the house.