On thin ice – working with images



I have worked within the field of photography since early 1990s and, without exception, every time I begin making a new work it is as if I started everything all over again. The only familiar facet is insecurity.

This is my viewpoint to my blog On thin ice. I will mostly deal with making an image and the issues surrounding this topic. Since my works often are about phenomena in and structures of society from the viewpoint of an individual my blog will be a counterweight to all this. I will skip all reference to the contents, topics and forms of my images and will concentrate on the lighter side of photography:  coincidences, meeting strangers, past and present travels to exhibitions and shooting, following the progress of projects, failures and – hopefully – successes.

The more serious entries will deal with my experiences in directing people and actors; the works of other photographers from the viewpoint of directing people as well as the progress of my walking project ‘We are the revolution, after Joseph Beyus’. In this project my aim is to walk on all the scenes of political murders of the 20th century that have come into public knowledge, taking as many steps as the number of people killed in the tragedy in question. This project will last the next twenty years. My next location will be Hiroshima where I will take 140,000 steps.

In this blog I will also publish some images from my series ‘Weather Diaries’, including some that have never made it into my portfolio or exhibitions.

In a video project I made in my youth I walked on thin ice at the Lake Kuivasjärvi as far as I dared. The ice was cracking under my feet, my feet got wet but my head did not. My reward was silent approval from my class.